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Welcome! At First Church in Boston, we offer programs for children and parents to celebrate our “World of Wonder.” Together we explore life’s big questions, make friendships, and encourage spiritual growth. Our goal is to create a supportive community for families and to inspire kids with open minds, loving hearts, and helping hands.

Children in WOW Kids (ages 4-8 years) start in the service with their families. After the “Time for All Ages” we will head downstairs for our lessons, activities, and play. The 2016-2017 program is based on the UUA's Love Surrounds Us curriculum, and is facilitated by RE teacher Jasmine Baetz.

Childcare is available every Sunday from September through June. Parents are welcome to bring infants and children under 4 years old downstairs before the 11:00am service. Josi, our childcare provider, looks forward to welcoming you! 


Upcoming Schedule

April 2 - Faith, Hope and Prayer: Today we read "The Sword of Wood," a Jewish tale from Afghanistan, and discuss different interpretations and understandings of faith and prayer in the story.  We'll make prayer bead necklaces and talk about their importance and meaning in different religions.

April 9 - Welcome One and All: Today we read "Mullah Nasruddin Feeds his Coat," an Islamic folktale. We'll play a game called "Welcome and Unwelcome" to sort through the characters and events of the story. We'll make a drawing of our own Welcome Table and sing "We're Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table."

April 16 - Seeing Others with Awe: Unitarian Universalists believe that all people are amazing and special and should be looked at with awe. This is part of what our first Unitarian Universalist principle means when we say that we affirm that all people have inherent worth and dignity. This week we read "The Messiah is Among You," and make life-size affirmation portraits of each other.

April 23 - Do Unto Others: Today we read the story of "The Good Samaritan," and discuss the story using the golden rule role play scenarios, remembering that  compassion is relating to how another person or living being feels and opening your heart to their need.

April 30 - Generosity: This week we read "The Better Offer," a story that illustrates that generosity reaps benefits for both giver and receiver. Our activity today will be a demonstration of generosity by making a craft for another person.



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We are guided by 7 principles: 

  • Everyone matters. 
  • Be kind. 
  • You are free to ask life's big questions. 
  • Offer that same freedom to others. 
  • Everyone gets a vote. 
  • Work for peace and fairness. 
  • Take care of our earth.