Sunday worship in the sanctuary


Preacher: Rev. Amy Freedman
Date: March 22, 2015

"This winter, our children have been exploring the theme, “Every Day Super Heroes-Putting Our Values into Action!” WOW Kids (WOW stands for World of Wonder) have been learning about their own powers to overcome obstacles, to stand up for good, and to make a difference in the world.

This is not just “kid’s stuff”! Superheroes have an enduring appeal in our culture. The entertainment industry has created a whole pantheon of characters that can swoop in to tackle problems that are too big for us to handle. It is satisfying to watch or read stories where the battle between good and evil is clear.

In a world that is morally complicated, how do we put our values into action? My liberal religious faith includes a belief in the power of the individual and communities to create positive change. Instead of waiting to be saved or rescued, it is essential that our religion inspire us to take action."

2015 Sermons

Date Speaker Title
Mar 22 2015 Rev. Amy Freedman "Living with Superpowers"
Mar 15 2015 Rev. Stephen Kendrick "Troublemakers Part II"
Mar 8 2015 Sam Teitel "Shut up and Get in the Whale"
Mar 1 2015 Rev. Stephen Kendrick "Troublemakers"
Feb 22 2015 Rev. Stephen Kendrick "You Be Glad at that Star!"
Feb 15 2015 Sunday Services on 2/15 are cancelled
Feb 8 2015 Rev. Sheldon Bennett "Ask First For Wonder"
Feb 1 2015 Ted Stolar, Alicia Rahema Mooltrey, Pam Steel, Corey Spaley "Tell Who You Are, Say What You Believe"
Jan 25 2015 Sam Teitel "I Don't Want To Run This Race In Vain"
Jan 18 2015 Rev. John Burciaga "Coming Down the Mountain"
Jan 11 2015 Rev. Amy Freedman "Beyond Pink and Blue"
Jan 10 2015 Rev. Stephen Kendrick Addressing the Tragedies in Paris
Jan 4 2015 Rev. Stephen Kendrick "Questions Galore"