Sunday worship in the sanctuary


Preacher: Rev. John Burciaga
Date: January 18, 2015

"Many of us recall the heady days of the Civil Rights era when Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of having 'been to the mountain-top...' That was then, this is now, and society finds itself, when not overtly racist, at least confused as to its true stance toward race relations. This will include perspectives from having been a civil rights leader in several states during my ministry."

2015 Sermons

Date Speaker Title
Jan 18 2015 Rev. John Burciaga "Coming Down the Mountain"
Jan 11 2015 Rev. Amy Freedman "Beyond Pink and Blue"
Jan 10 2015 Rev. Stephen Kendrick Addressing the Tragedies in Paris
Jan 4 2015 Rev. Stephen Kendrick "Questions Galore"