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We, the students of MFOL: Boston, are joining students across the country to demand that our lives are prioritized over access to guns. We seek to amplify and emphasize the voices of communities of color, who are both disproportionately affected by gun violence and silenced in their calls for reform. We are organizing and mobilizing our generation to raise our voices and take action on gun violence in America. We are calling on students and supporters to join us in this movement.
In the words of Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivors; the fearless, faithful, resilient cries of those students, “This is it.”
So this must not just be a legislative turning point for our country in regards to gun control – but a social turning point, and a moral one. There has existed in the United States, in New England, in Massachusetts – communities plagued by gun violence for so long they have felt muted-out; rejected and neglected by our politicians and lawmakers. But we – as students, survivors; many of us members of these same communities – hear them here too. So together with fellow students, survivors, exhausted constituents from Broward County to Suffolk County, on March 24th, we “March for Our Lives.” To finally reject, in all forms, this uniquely American epidemic.
All who stand against the senselessness of American gun violence are welcome to attend.

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