Diana Smith

Diana Smith is a Master of Divinity student at Andover Newton Theological School. She began her studies in January 2015 and expects to complete them in May 2018. Diana is pursuing parish ministry and is interested in bringing her background in environmental work and psychology, and her interest in religious pluralism into her religious leadership. Diana became a Unitarian Universalist in 2009 and identifies as a panenthiest; she was raised in the Episcopal and Methodist churches. Diana moved to Boston in Fall 2015 from Olympia, WA, where she worked for the WA State Department of Ecology, was a lay worship leader and religious education teacher at Olympia UU Congregation, and volunteered as a trainer and board member for a crisis phone line. Diana loves hiking, walking, and camping with her dog and friends, as well as gardening. She is a ceramic and fiber artist and also enjoys yoga, bicycling, knitting, and reading.

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