First Church Choir

Music Program

Music at First Church is under the direction of Dr. Paul Cienniwa

Members of the congregation are strongly encouraged to contact the music director about volunteer opportunities for singing and handbell ringing.

From September to June, the First Church Boston Choir, a professional 12-voice ensemble, provides music ranging from Palestrina, Bach, and Handel to Philip Glass and John Lennon during the Sunday services. Visiting musicians bring a wide variety of musical and ethnic styles that have included jazz, Celtic, folk, blues, authentic Chinese, Turkish Sufi, and Native American flute music.  During the summer, services are held in the air-conditioned Hale Chapel.  Music is provided by soloists from the First Church Choir and guest musicians.

Renowned for its acoustics, the church hosts numerous concerts throughout the year.

The Sanctuary features a 3-manual, 64-stop mechanical action Casavant organ (1972, Op. 3140), a Steinway piano, and a double manual Flemish style  harpsichord (1980). The Hale Chapel has a Steinway piano and a single-manual, 8-stop mechanical action Casavant organ (1972, Op. 3129).  First Church also has a set of newly refurbished White Chapel Handbells.

Click here to hear Paul Cienniwa performing an organ improvisation on "Standing on the Side of Love"