Lay Leadership

The Standing Committee

The twelve members of the Standing Committee are elected by the congregation.  Each member is elected for a three year term.  Terms are staggered, with four members elected each year.  

In addition to the twelve elected members, there is one ex-officio member, the Treasurer of the Society.  Other regularly invited attendees are the Senior Minister, the Consulting Minister, the Director of Operations, and the Chairperson of the Trustees. 

The Standing Committee is the governing body of the church.  It sets the policies and oversees the operations of the church, including worship and outreach.  

The Current Members are:

Fern Beck
John Bergstrom
Vivian Borek
Eileen Brewster
Carty Castaldi
Connie Hill
Jean Krasnow, Secretary
Katie McQuage-Loukas, Chair
Margaret Moody
Susan Moore
Doug Miller, Vice Chair
David Razor
Corey Spaley

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