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Worship Service

Our Weekly Worship Service from 11:00am to 12pm is now Online

We have aired our services on Emerson Radio WERS 88.9 FM for over 30 years. You can tune in every Sunday at 11 AM by turning your dial or visiting the WERS website and stream the broadcast live from your desktop.

Starting on Sunday, March 15, we plan to be streaming live video in addition to our usual WERS audio broadcast. The details (and hopefuly, production quality) will be subject to change. The streamed broadcasts will be available for viewing through links on this page.


facebook LIVE STREAM



Our Sunday Offertory

There are two easy ways two ways to donate to First Church during online services (or at any other time). Both are processed through the same secure service company (Vanco): 

(1) The DONATE button here or on our home page on website leads to a secure online Vanco payment form where you can designate the amount and purpose of the contribution.

(2) You can use text messaging on your smartphone to send a contribution that is like dropping a bill in the virtual plate. This is a germ-free way to get that familiar good feeling during the Offertory part of the online service. Text a number representing your dollar amount (5 for Lincolns, 10 for Hamiltons, 20 for Tubmans) to (617) 917-5610. The first time you do that, it will ask you to fill in credit card information that can be reused for subsequent contributions. You will receive an emailed receipt.

FCB Sanctuary Live Broadcast

April 5, 2020 service on FacebookLive

April 5  Order of Service


March 29, 2020 service on FacebookLive

March 29 Order of Service
March 22, 2020 service on FacebookLive

March 22 Order of Service

 March 15, 2020 service on FacebookLive

March 15 Order of Service

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