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"A Love Letter for Dumisani"

Preacher: Mary Collins
Date: June 29, 2014

Poetry takes us through the fourth wall into the realm of story, where we can reflect on the old way and imagine a new way. The sermon, on this Sunday before we celebrate America's Independence Day, is going to be from my collection of poems "A Love Letter for Dumisani." These poems come out of the music and literature that helped us through the movement for civil rights in the latter half of the 20th century. Dumisani is the son of a man who was stricken by polio, and was afraid he couldn't conceive. When he found that he could he called the child Dumisani, or "Blessed by God." My poems were written in the hope that when a new generation, born out of those difficult times, looks back at the way we were, they will be able to see into what took place in my heart, and I imagine the hearts of many.