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"Ask First For Wonder"

Preacher: Rev. Sheldon Bennett
Date: February 8, 2015

"In keeping with the year’s theme, I have been giving mind and heart to wonder. From time to time I find I need to go out and look up at the stars, even in the cold of winter night. I find I need to take a break from the front-page news and take time to ponder the infinities. I need to stand again in awe before the magnificence the cosmos and the mystery of life and human consciousness. I need to do this to rekindle my imagination, renew my purpose, and restore my soul. Our times call us to be people who create beauty, make discoveries, work for social reform, build community, foster compassion, and inspire hope. All these begin with imagination, and I believe that imagining well begins first with wonder. For us to be people who imagine well, how can we nurture our capacity first for wonder? Worship is a place to start. See you in church!"