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Being a Vibrant Urban Church

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick & Marvin Venay
Date: January 29, 2017

Dialogue Sermon with Marvin Venay, Community Outreach Director for the UU Urban Ministries

Stephen writes..."Our oldest partnership, dating all the way back to the ministry of America's first social worker, Rev. Joseph Tuckerman in the l830's, is with a group that is now called the UU Urban Ministries, located in Roxbury. What was wildly creative and influential then is still important today, as area Unitarian churches gather together to make a difference in the poorer neighborhoods of Boston. The UUMA is blessed right now with great new leadership, under Rev. Mary Margaret Earl and her most recent staff addition, Marvin Venay, who is tasked with reaching out to churches like us, and volunteers in our local congregations. Marvin is also helping the UUUM to connect better with Roxbury organizations, churches and clubs--so that our long held good intentions are actually useful and fruitful in our larger community. It's great to be liberal--it's even better to be effective and in true partnership!

See you in church,