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"Beyond Pink and Blue"

Preacher: Rev. Amy Freedman
Date: January 11, 2015

We would have every arbitrary barrier thrown down. Were this done, we believe a divine energy would pervade nature to a degree unknown in the history of former ages. —Margaret Fuller

"As Unitarian Universalists, we have long been advocates of gender equality. I was raised as a Unitarian Universalist in the 1970’s so my upbringing was deeply influenced by the feminist movement within our faith.

Some people claim that we are now living in a Post-feminist Era. After all, women have reached the top-level of most professions including Unitarian Universalist ministry where over half of our clergy are female. Women no longer need to choose between a career and family but manage both their professions and motherhood.

However right alongside this significant progress, women and girls around the world do not have the same access to education, health care, and financial resources as their male counterparts. Transgender people experience prejudice and violence daily. The food and financial crisis will have a greater impact on women many of whose jobs are less secure. Domestic violence and sexual assault continues to haunt the lives of many today.

Religious feminism is about something deeper and more significant than women taking on traditionally male work wearing high heels and lipstick. The principles of our liberal religious faith, call on us to uncover our own gender biases. How can First Church become a truly inclusive community? What barriers remain to be challenged in society?"