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"Courageous Love"

Preacher: Rev. Amy Freedman
Date: January 12, 2014

Another first! During winter vacation, Peter and I took Liza to her first movie in the theater. We saw “Frozen”, which is a Disney version of the classic fairy tale, “The Snow Queen”. Our five year old was ecstatic to see a Princess movie. However, in this story when Princess Anna’s heart is frozen and can only be thawed by true love’s kiss, her fiancé reveals that he actually does not love her—he was after power and fortune all along. As a feminist, I was delighted that in the end an embrace from her sister is what saves Anna.
What about us? How do we love courageously despite real heartbreak? Our liberal religious tradition calls on us to stand on the side of love. What does that mean? Come to a service celebrating the saving power of love and learn about “Thirty Days of Love” a month-long spiritual journey and commitment to action and service that many UU’s are joining nationwide.