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"Doing People Work"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: May 29, 2016

Stephen writes..."Well, I am all alone this week (with the noble exception of musical director Paul, who is a dedicated kind of guy on holiday weekends!)--but as I explained to Tim and Sam, I did services all by myself for the first seven years of my career, and I actually like having a little rhetorical elbow room. So if you are not out and about beginning your summer pleasures, we would love to see you this Memorial Day weekend. I will be talking about love, mercy and justice, and how all three combine to make something complex in the living but simple in concept--how we do 'people work' Religion gets high and mighty and pretty grandiose at times, but it boils down to this: living with people. War is, for example, an awful way of dealing with fellow human beings. Ancient, venerated, exalted--but still a huge failure of 'people work'--so how can we do better within our free faith tradition? See you Sunday."