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"For All that is Our Life"

Preacher: All Ministers
Date: September 18, 2016

Stephen writes..."That's the title of this week's service--but not sermon, because there isn't one. This summer, visiting Harris Manchester College, Oxford, I saw a new painting of Rev. Bruce Findlow, a former head there when the college was still Unitarian. It brought me back to when I knew him so long ago, and how much I loved a hymn he wrote when I was a young man--"For All that Is Our Life." And in a flash, knowing that we would still be introducing you all to a new configuration of the staff, I decided to design a service where each minister lakes a short phrase from Bruce's lovely hymn and offers a meditation--and that's what we are doing this Sunday. I am really looking forward to what Tim, Aisha and Diana have come up with...

Plus our annual Sundae spectacular following the service. Theology goes so well with ice cream.

Sounds like fun, so see you in church!"