"Having Relations"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: September 25, 2016

Stephen writes..."I once read that the topic most avoided by ministers in their sermons was that of money. I disagreed. I think we avoid sex even more. Which is really odd, because if you eliminate money and sexuality, you have a significantly smaller segment of human life to talk about! But before everyone gets too hot under the collar (or anywhere else), I hasten to add that this Sunday's sermon will be looking at sex through the eyes of our forebears, in the context of this year's Historic Boston's Charter Day Interfaith celebration. Have you ever wondered why same-sex marriage happened in Massachusetts first? Have you ever wondered why divorce rates are lower in liberal (and mostly Roman Catholic) Massachusetts than evangelical Mississippi? Have you ever wondered why the Puritans had such a dim view of sexuality--or did they? My friends, I have the answers to these and other questions, which are not really historical, but about the way we live our lives today...We were born with bodies, and we bear these bodies, and live and move and love through them, until the day we die. Our religion need to be more comfortable and connected to the "relations" we are blessed to have as we live along side other souls in other bodies. Spirituality and sex are deeply connected, and Lo and Behold, our Mass Bay mothers and fathers knew that well. See you on Sunday!"