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"Life in Motion"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: February 2, 2014

"I plan topics far ahead, and the ministerial staff meets with Paul once a month to select hymns and to look at the themes of services coming up--so it was a complete (and eerie) coincidence that long ago we had selected Pete Seeger's Turn Turn Turn to sing this Sunday. As I write this, the news of his death is going out on the net. What a man, and what a brave patriot, and what a singer! You might be surprised to learn that Pete was a member of the All Soul's Unitarian church in NYC--so we will honor him this weekend...
The sermon centers on the feeling that modern life often feels as if it has no center, that it is a constant whirl of motion. How do we navigate the roiled waters? How do we recover the center, where stillness and calm might, somehow, reside? See you Sunday!"