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Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: January 5, 2014

The bad news is that nearly half of our light bulbs in the Sanctuary are out.

The good news is that we will soon be replacing all bulbs with special new LED lights. The bad news is that we couldn't do it before Christmas!

The good news is that we are doing it for the New Year, and that they should last a decade or more, and that N-Star is paying for 80 percent of the cost!

Such is life, and it occurred to me the day after Christmas that "Re-Lamping" is an age-old metaphor for the spiritual realm we all are invited into. The movement into, and then out of, darkness is a seasonal reality, and a soul reality as well. What will spark our inner light this year? In addition, we will walk through the doorway into the New Year, sing Ring Out, Wild Bells, and sing our final carol of the season as we lower the last wreath. See you in church...Stephen