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"Shall We Gather at the River?"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: September 13, 2015

Stephen writes..."It is hard to believe that the summer is gone, but we UU's have a wonderful way to lift our spirits heading into the maelstrom of Autumn, and that is our tradition of the Water Communion. For generations, we have returned from summer journeys and time apart to re-gather with the sharing of something so simple: the gift of water. I find I never have any problem preaching on the meaning and value of water, as it is so elemental and essential to our lives, and our faith. Water sustains us, heals us, upholds us, and is a powerful symbol for inner cleansing, refreshment, renewal. With special songs and music, with the happy return of Rev. Tim House as our new Community Minister, and a lovely story presented by our children's religious education director Rebecca Hsieh, this service brings us home again. See you in church!"