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"Soul Mining"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: November 1, 2015

Stephen writes. "One of the distinctive elements of our life here at First Church is our devotion and dedication to the arts--more than any UU church I know of. In that spirit, I will be preaching on the meaning of a painting by member Carol O'Neill I fell in love with more than a year ago. The title is "Soul Mining," and so too is the title of the sermon. Of course, it is hard to define the "meaning" of a work of art. Robert Frost, after reciting a poem, was asked what did it mean? He calmly recited it one more time! But the painting (which Carol generously gave to the church and will soon find a proper place to hang) spoke to me so clearly that it has haunted me ever since--thus it will stand by me as I speak! Join us for a "Fall Back" autumn service, with Learning Community to follow, and lots going on. Every Year at this service we place a Table of Remembrance in the front of the sanctuary, so that you can come forward and lovingly place an object or picture on that altar."