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"The Earth is Fine--It's Us that's Cooked"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: April 27, 2014

Stephen writes, "We have a great deal to celebrate with our wonderful collection of New Members to be welcomed today--and I don't mean to bum them or anyone out--but it's Earth Day, and every year that 'celebration' becomes more and more important--to our faith, to our world, to our future. When people talk about the climate crisis, we often forget the role that religious communities like ours should be playing in that struggle. We are people of hope, not people of denial. The Earth can handle most everything we can throw at it--some scientists even use the ancient name of the Goddess Gaia to represent how efficient and resilient she is. The problem is--human civilization may not be as able to resist our effects. Religious liberals may not think Genesis is literally true--but from here on in, we are co-creators of whatever future we have. And yes, I feel bummed too--but we don't have the right to leave it there."