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"The Hardest Word"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: October 2, 2016

Stephen writes..."The church year is actually in two parts this year--until election day, Nov. 8, and then after...Here at First Church, we do not tell you how to vote (UUs are too feisty to be told what to do), but we are an activist faith, and there are many aspects of our shared life that the stress of the election season are bringing to the surface. After the election, we will begin again, though, as Tim noted in a staff meeting, "No matter how it goes, we will need to pay attention to healing." He's right, and we will.

This Sunday, we will quickly move from the kind of apologies that politicians make to the kind that you and I can (and yet often don't) make in our personal lives. If you have been here awhile, you know that I preach about forgiveness every year--it is the hardest of the spiritual disciplines. But this week, I will look at what is the hardest word of all-"Sorry." (Thanks, Elton John) The truth is, making apologies is so hard that we find all kinds of wiggle words to cushion our ego, and protect ourselves--even if we find the courage to apologize in the first place. I suspect everyone needs a reminder, and an encouragement, to learn how to truly, effectively, compassionately apologize.
So do I, and thus the sermon! See you in church!"