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"The Leap of Unfaith"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: October 18, 2015

Stephen writes, "This summer, reading a biography of the writer John Updike, I noted with a rueful smile his quote that, try as he might, he always ended up heading to church despite all his doubts and intellectual quandaries about faith. He added, "I just never could make that leap of unfaith..." I loved that. It brilliantly expresses my own lifetime of push/pull, back and forth, over all the classic elements of religion--Is there a God? Is there life after death? Was Jesus a genius or a madman? Why do Unitarians love coffee so much? All the biggies. I am tempted, always, to be a doubter, a non-believer--but I never quite make the leap. No matter how heretical, I am still, somehow, a person of faith. See you in church!"