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"The Most Powerful Emotion"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: February 23, 2014

Well. February is a month associated with a very powerful emotion indeed--Love. But it occurs to me that there might be one emotion that can blow away that and most any other emotion, and its called Guilt. This isn't a subject I normally preach on, but when I really reflect on people, guilt is right up there in terms of affecting the day to day quality of existence.
Guilt can put us on the emotional rack, and maybe we should spend some time figuring out how to climb down (and maybe how to stop inflicting guilt on others). The problem is--guilt is actually a useful and important emotion, absolutely necessary to a decent and effective life. The problem is that it tends to leap any proper boarders we place around it, and then goes on to infect all aspects of life--guilt really loves to run amuck! See you in church (you'll feel terrible if you miss it...).