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"Unconditional Love!"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: December 14, 2014

"This isn't a Christmas sermon as such (I like to hold off on that stuff as long as I can!), but there is no doubt that love is very much on our minds in the holiday season, love of all kinds and varieties. Last year, at the first Happy Go Potlucky event, your friend and mine, Catherine Bradfield was one of two people to "buy" the annual Sermon of Your Choice item from yours truly, and she then passed it on to her spouse, Sandra Castelluccio to select the topic. After months of deep rumination, she selected Unconditional Love--and as happens so often, it is a topic I have never confronted before. Oh, I have talked about love over and over--but Unconditional? It turns out to be a rich and deep theme, and even one that harkens back to the founding of our faith. See you in church!"