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"We Seem to be a Verb"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: April 26, 2015

Stephen writes... "Somehow along the way, I missed out on Buckminster Fuller and his impact on modern life--but I'm catching up now, learning about him as I am writing a book about Mount Auburn, where he and his wife Anne are buried. He is an absolutely fascinating character, crazy and wise and profound all at once, and he has a great deal to say about our faith. His activities and ideas were so myriad and varied that when asked what was he--an engineer, a poet, an businessman, a prophet, a scientist, a visionary--he replied, "I seem to be a Verb." On this new member recognition day, it is good to celebrate all the ways we can escape easy definitions and enter into the life of active "doing." Fuller was a soul intent on winning a wager against the Universe itself--what could one person do? And then think--what can a whole church full of doers accomplish?"