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"World of Wonder--Part Two"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: June 14, 2015

Stephen writes..."Although we have a strong lineup of summer speakers, there is still a poignancy and thrill to our last regular church year service, and to all its small rituals that have become part of that special day:

The Flower communion celebration, goodbye and thanks to our Religious Education teachers on behalf of our children, the last hearing of our choir until next September's Gathering and Water Communion service,and our annual singing of the moving hymn "Blue Boat Home."

And then the Picnic!
For me, this service is my chance to wrap up the year's preaching theme of "World of Wonder", and to bind together a year's worth of these strands into one last concluding "aria." My basic theme is this--What will save this world of ours? Religion? Science? Political Ideology? No. What saves us, if we are to saved, will be a resurgence of a sense of Wonder at being alive at all, of finding ourselves in this bruised but beautiful world, and changing the way we live in heart-felt response to that re-awakened Wonder. We UU's are not big on miracles--but as Emerson said a long time ago, "To be is the great miracle."

See you Sunday! And bring something to share at the picnic (I'm heading to Cosco for the burgers!)"