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"You Be Glad at that Star!"

Preacher: Rev. Stephen Kendrick
Date: February 22, 2015

Stephen writes..."This year's theme is "World of Wonder," and in light of that, I wanted to offer a brief sermon on our responsibility to nurture wonder in our children's lives. Of course, not all of us have kids (or maybe they are grown and far, far away)--but all of us, together, have a responsibility to the future represented by these young lives. Their sense of wonderment and curiosity is so crucial. And the beautiful aspect of that is the sparking of re-imagination in ourselves when we offer that support. Sometimes you need a kid to remind you to wake up! (And in all this snow, we all need a little encouragement...)

IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL INFO FOR THIS SUNDAY: We had long planned to have Rev. Rosemary Lloyd as part of this service, and follow it up with a light lunch and program called "The Conversation Project." This is her new ministry, to guide local congregations and other groups begin to hold important conversations about aging, death and dying. Often we want to avoid this life topic--but it is crucial, and life-enhancing, to do so--and what better place to do so than here! BECAUSE OF YET ANOTHER STORM THIS SUNDAY, Rosemary will instead join us on March 8th, and a follow up session on Saturday, April 18."