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Member Stories: Ann Murray

Can you tell us about your spiritual journey?

"I’ve never thought of myself as having a spiritual journey. I think I was born a Unitarian philosophically but attended a Congregational Church with a great membership and Sunday School. There were many intergenerational community-building activities, and the whole emphasis there was on accepting people and doing good works—never heard about sin or hell. So I like First Church because it lets me be the same person and hold the same beliefs that I started out with at 6 years old! It’s been much more of a circle than a straight line."

You are familiar face to most of our visitors and members—what kind of things are you involved in here at First Church in Boston?

"At First Church I served on the membership committee for 4 years, and am now starting my second year on Adult RE. I love working on the Wednesday night programs. I’ve also worked on the Jimmy Tingle fundraiser, the Thanksgiving and Easter dinners, facilitated a Wednesday night workshop and gave a sermon one summer."

We are curious about the Red Sox gear—what is the significance of this in your life?

"There are so many ties to the Red Sox. I went to my first game at 8 years old with my dad—who taught me how to score a game, which I still do despite all the information you get now on the digital score boards. On the night I got my engagement ring from Taft, we went to the cocktail lounge at the Hotel Somerset to celebrate, and I ended up sitting on a bench right next to Ted Williams! (I kind of forgot whom I was engaged to.) And I have a thank you card from Ted after I sent him a get well card for his broken arm! Then, miracle of miracles, in 2007 I was chosen at random out of 37,900 to be the fan to throw out the first pitch! I spent many years sitting in the bleachers while in school and college, but today we are lucky enough to be able to buy 12 pairs of season’s tickets each year from a friend. My husband and I watched the 2004 and 2007 playoffs and world series in these seats from 20 rows behind the Sox on-deck circle. This is the closest thing, I think possible, for a Unitarian to get to heaven!"