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Member Stories: Jamie and Polly Jo Kemler

What role has First Church in Boston played in your life?

Polly Jo: "I enjoy being part of a community, especially one that holds dear values that I find important. I like that often the sermons highlight concerns that are shared by many of us, rather than my thinking that a particular issue is unique to me. I have delighted in getting to know other First Church members and I feel comfort in belonging."

Jamie: "Being at First Church has offered me the opportunity to reconnect with my spiritual upbringing as a Unitarian while affording me time and place for quiet reflection and social interaction with a wonderful group of people."

Being people who have connected well with the church—how can others feel and act on the connectivity that you have experienced?

Polly Jo: "There are so many ways to connect with First Church! Your help is always welcome and necessary and your participation will benefit yourself and others."

Jamie: "My suggestion is to get involved in the numerous activities the church offers."

Can you tell us about your spiritual journey to First Church in Boston?

Polly Jo: "Not so long ago, I would not have believed I’d be active in a church. A number of years back Jamie and I both realized that we wanted to explore spirituality. The Sunday we visited, Stephen gave a sermon in which he said it was totally acceptable to be uncertain about God and I felt welcomed."

Jamie: "Although I was raised a Unitarian, for most of my adult life I did not have a spiritual home. It has been a pleasure finding First Church and rediscovering my Unitarian connection."