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Member Stories: Chris Goddu & Lisa Pirozzolo

What did you feel when you first came to church?

A strong sense of New England history and intellectual tradition, coupled with a desire to address important social justice issues currently facing our city and country.

What activities have you been involved in? Which activities have you enjoyed?

We have very much enjoyed the religious education classes offered by Stephen and others. Chris and I participated in Stephen’s course “Building Your Own Theology” one spring. The weekly sessions provided a helpful structure for considering and discussing important theological questions. It was also a wonderful way to get to know other church members. Our children Nate and Charlotte participated in a “Coming of Age” class, in which they wrote a “credo” statement setting forth their own beliefs (at ages 13 and 15) and then read the statements in church one Sunday. It was a powerful experience for all of us

If somebody were to ask you, how would you describe First Church in Boston? 

The First Church of Boston is a vibrant, intellectual and spiritual community ,which offers many different opportunities to engage.  Whether you are interested in attending Sunday services or participating in social justice activities, you will find a niche.