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Flaming Chalice

About Unitarian Universalism

People can be surprised to learn that Christians, Jews, Atheists, Mystics, Scientists, Pagans, and Buddhists are capable of all being members of the same religious community. So often religion is identified with a creed, providing a single answer to the quest for truth. In our four hundred year history, our movement has evolved into a non-creedal faith. We affirm the importance of freedom of conscience, with all of us empowered to ask questions, to trust our experience, and to follow our own spiritual path--but in the midst of a loving, trustful community.

Our lives are enriched through mutual respect, deepened through the exchange of ideas, and nourished through the support of a caring congregation. Each person is important. When we listen and cooperate, everyone learns so much more than we can all alone.

Unitarian Universalists gather around the values of love, freedom, and dignity--and common vision for a just world. There is an old joke that people turned off by organized religion will find a home in a 'disorganized' faith like ours! UUism allows the inner spiritual spark in each of us the room, and the encouragement, to grow and find its highest and most truthful expression. If you have more questions, Stephen and Amy would be happy to meet with you--and there are monthly Orientation sessions after services as well.

Here is a video from Rev. Amy Freedman, made with her husband, Peter Bowden, explaining Unitarian Universalism:

We sponsor a general interest monthly book discussion group in the evenings. For specific book selections and dates please check this website and subscribe to the weekly e-news electronic newsletter.

The Learning Community at First Church in Boston is an adult education program. By hosting speakers from inside and outside the congregation, the LC offers opportunities for learning, fellowship, and spiritual growth. Unless otherwise specified, LC events will be held after church on Sundays in the Auditorium with a lunch buffet service at 12:15pm (suggested donation $5-7,) and a 12:30pm program start.

A perennial UU favorite that encourages all of us to make meaning and theology from our lives. Here, we delve into meditation, silence, prayer, justice, and mortality, and of course the enigma and lure of God.

The Arts Committee sponsors art exhibits in our Narthex (or lobby). Each artist also gives an artist’s talk about her or his work. For information on upcoming talks please visit this website and subscribe to the weekly e-news electronic newsletter.