XNotice:Due to COVID-19, we are suspending in-person worship and programs.Read more

Current News

Starting Sunday, March 22, for the safety of all, members and visitors alike, only direct participants in the Sunday Service at 11 am can be admitted into First Church Boston. This protection will be in effect for the near future. However, we are lucky to be able to invite you warmly into our circle of love and concern in two effective ways--you may listen to the Sunday broadcast on WERS, 88.9 FM, and there will also be a live streaming video of the entire service. For more information go to our Live Broadcast Page.


We are discouraging other visitors during the week for the same purposes, and ministers and staff are happy to be contacted at 617-267-6730. Office Policy (19 March from Standing Committee Chair, Michael Sullivan) It is recommended by the city and state that most businesses scale back their operations and have all employees work from home as much as possible. This includes First Church. Our office is not large therefore even two people can have a hard time staying six feet apart all the time. The good news is we will arrange FURLOUGHS for those employees who are affected by this situation and the Standing Committee can commit to pay all employees their NORMAL schedules for two weeks starting this past Monday. During these two weeks, employees need to: 1. Work from home whenever possible. 2. Only use the office for ESSENTIAL work that cannot be done from home such as the Canvass mailing, the radio broadcast, and tech rehearsals for the live streaming of Sunday's service. 3. Limit their time in Park House or the Church building to no more than the 2-3 hours it takes to bring home materials or to complete ESSENTIAL work. Many projects such as the OOS or returning calls from the church's voicemail can be done remotely. 4. Complete all ESSENTIAL work and then leave the building. The CDC reports that virus particles can survive for up to 72 hours on plastic and metal surfaces so everything that is touched should be wiped down appropriately. This affects all employees, staff, renters, events, and members of First Church Boston.