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Social Justice

Welcome to the Social Justice Community (SJC) at First Church Boston The Social Justice Community (SJC) at First Church provides a focus for the social justice concerns of the congregation by leading our involvement in ongoing community activities and by coordinating our participation in various projects and social actions throughout the year. To multiply our impact on the huge range of social justice problems we find of concern, we have chosen to focus our efforts by working with four community partners;

Boston New Sanctuary Movement

Greater Boston Interfaith Organization

Jericho Road Roxbury

Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

UUMass Action

UU Urban Ministry


All church members and friends are most welcome at monthly SJC meetings held after the Sunday service on the first Sunday of the month.


Boston New Sanctuary Movement Greater Boston Interfaith Organization Jericho Road Roxbury Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence UUMass Action UU Urban Ministry Campaign Against Gun Violence (sub-committee):

In the wake of the Newtown shootings in December of 2012, the Social Justice Community held a meeting to discuss how it might help address problems of gun violence. As a result of that meeting, the Campaign Against Gun Violence (CAGV) was formed. Members of the committee track the activities of other organizations involved in work against gun violence, alerting congregational members when individual action is needed, as well as arranging appropriate educational programs. A memorial program for the community (coordinated with such programs across the nation), is held annually, close to the anniversary of the Newtown tragedy. The CAGV is a member of the statewide Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.

First Church Contact: Ellie Miller


Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO):

The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) is a broad based multi-faith organization that works to coalesce, train and organize the communities of greater Boston across religious, racial, ethnic, class and neighborhood lines for the public good. The primary goal is to develop local leadership and organizational power and to use these to push forward on issues of social and economic justice. First Church is a dues paying member of GBIO. Congregants participate in trainings, study committees and actions as they occur, as well as provide individual financial support to the GBIO Impact Fund to assist in keeping GBIO free of special- interest influence. Examples of action areas include the successful “Health Care for All” campaign and current work on criminal justice reform and affordable housing. First Church Contact: Rosemary Kean UU Mass Action – UU Mass Action works to organize and mobilize the 142 UU congregations across Massachusetts. The work is focused into Pathways to Justice, 11 of which are listed on the website ( While GBIO is an interfaith organization working with issues affecting the Greater Boston area, UU Mass Action is a denominational organization often working on similar issues as GBIO but on a state-wide basis.

First Church Contact- Rev. Tim House Unitarian

Universalist Urban Ministries (UUUM):

UUUM is a more than 150 year old ministry supported by Unitarian Universalist churches in northeastern Massachusetts. First Church is a long time member and has two delegates to the organization. UUUM operates from a campus at the historic First Church in Roxbury and provides various service programs to the Roxbury community. There is a wide a variety of direct volunteer opportunities in their current programs which include: after school, weekend and summer programs for teens and younger children, a post-Domestic Violence shelter and training programs for women, and a variety of other community oriented projects and events.

First Church Contacts: Mary Lou Mclean


826 Boston:

826 Boston is a nonprofit youth writing and publishing organization that empowers traditionally underserved students ages 6-18 to find their voices, tell their stories, and gain communication skills to succeed in school and in life.

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