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Standing on the Side of Love

Social Justice

The Social Justice Community (SJ) @ First Church (FC) is open to all individuals in the church community who indicate their interest. Those who are interested should sign up to receive the dedicated SJ communications, primarily e-mails which are sent out periodically. The SJ steering committee consists of a smaller number of individuals who have taken responsibility to oversee and organize SJ activities. All are always more than welcome at monthly meetings. Don’t wait to ask, just come!

(contacts: Rosemarykean510@gmail.com or maryloumclean@myfairpoint.net)


To multiply our impact on the huge range of social justice problems we find of concern, we have chosen to focus our efforts by working with community partners;


Greater Boston Interfaith Organization

Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

UUMass Action

UU Urban Ministry



All church members and friends are most welcome at monthly SJC meetings held after the Sunday service on the first Sunday of the month.


Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) is the partner with whom we are the most active. Focused on the city, it is a large interfaith organization of political activism. Every FC member/ friend should attend at least one GBIO meeting/action, as that is the best way to understand the nature and scope of the organization.


Campaign Against Gun Violence (CAGV) is a FC group with ties to the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence. Time sensitive needs for call-ins to legislators, etc. come from this group via the FC Social Justice Community e-mail list. The most prominent annual activity is the Vigil Against Gun Violence which occurs in December. 


UUMassAction is a state wide UU organization with many various SJ priorities. Its website is a good place to find information about a range of SJ campaigns and current actions as these are announced. (uumassaction.org)


Unitarian/Universalist Urban Ministry (UUUM) is a more than 150 year old UU service organization working with Boston’s black community from a campus at First Church Roxbury with a variety of programs. Sign up for their monthly newsletter @ (uuum.org)


Internal to First Church:

Environmental Justice Affinity Group; plans and implements a variety of activities and local foods meals in and outside of FC, including especially a connection with the food distribution program at UUUM (above)

Special Collections; 8 times per year the regular Sunday collection is taken for the benefit of a particular SJ program or organization, including the four Partners listed above. Whenever feasible, a SJ table in the narthex provides the benefitting organization space to provide additional information and answer questions. This is an opportunity for FC members to identify additional specific volunteer opportunities.

Additional Events – 2-4 times per church year SJ sponsors after church programs on SJ themes. One of these is traditionally a group discussion of the UUA common read. Books are sold in the fall and the book discussion event is held in the spring


826 Boston:

826 Boston is a nonprofit youth writing and publishing organization that empowers traditionally underserved students ages 6-18 to find their voices, tell their stories, and gain communication skills to succeed in school and in life. http://826boston.org/about

One Pager:


Dave Eggers on the creation of 826:


826 Boston: The Movie


I am A Flame You Can’t Put Out



Campaign Against Gun Violence

The Campaign Against Gun Violence is a subgroup of the FCB Social Justice Committee. It strives to bring awareness of the issue of Gun Violence to the whole FCB community and to support the work of our umbrella oganization: