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Annual Pledge Drive

What is the Annual Pledge Drive?

Annually in March, members and friends of First Church Boston are urged to make a financial commitment to our congregation. The total amount pledged then informs the Finance Committee’s operating budget recommendations for the upcoming church year. This includes our ministry programming, church staff compensation, and infrastructure needs.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is an indication to the church of how much you intend to contribute during the upcoming fiscal year (May – April).

What if I am not able to fulfill my pledge?

Of course, we recognize that sometimes things happen that prevent you from fulfilling your pledge. If you experience an unexpected change to your financial situation, you can notify the church office and adjust your contribution for the year.

How much should I pledge?

We understand that many factors come into play when determining a pledge amount that feels right and generous for you. If you would like assistance in this process, please consider consulting the UUA Fair Share Giving Guide.

Why is it important that I make a pledge? I already donate.

The total amount pledged in March informs the finance committee’s operating budget recommendations (developed in April) for the upcoming church year. This budget includes the level at which we plan to fund our ministry programming, church staff compensation, and infrastructure needs. When our finance team knows how much you intend to give, they are able to take that into consideration when building out a responsible, robust church budget. They can only plan for what you pledge!

How do I pledge?

There are two ways to make your pledge. 1) Fill out our online pledge form (see below) 2) Fill out and return a physical pledge card (found in our March mailing and at church).

If you are ready to make your pledge online, thank you! Please click here.