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Live Worship Broadcast

We have aired our services on Emerson Radio WERS 88.9 FM for over 30 years. You can tune in every Sunday at 11 AM by turning your dial or visiting the WERS website and stream the broadcast live from your desktop.

In response to the COVID pandemic, we have begun  streaming live video in addition to our usual WERS audio broadcast. The details (and hopefuly, production quality) will be subject to change. The streamed broadcasts will be available for viewing through links on this page on Sunday mornings at 11am.


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There are two easy ways two ways to donate to First Church during online services (or at any other time). Both are processed through the same secure service company (Vanco): 

(1) The DONATE button here or on our home page on website leads to a secure online Vanco payment form where you can designate the amount and purpose of the contribution.

(2) You can use text messaging on your smartphone to send a contribution that is like dropping a bill in the virtual plate. This is a germ-free way to get that familiar good feeling during the Offertory part of the online service. Text a number representing your dollar amount (5 for Lincolns, 10 for Hamiltons, 20 for Tubmans) to (617) 917-5610. The first time you do that, it will ask you to fill in credit card information that can be reused for subsequent contributions. You will receive an emailed receipt.

FCB Sanctuary Live Broadcast


First Church in Boston

First Church Boston

66 Marlborough Street
Boston, MA

Sunday, May 9, 2021
Recorded May 6, 2021

  Broadcast 11:00 am to noon on WERS, 88.9FM, Vivian Borek, announcer

Streamed on Facebook @firstchurchboston, Craig Hildreth, audio and video engineer
Masha Stepanova, video editor

Dr. Robert August, Director of Music; Lily Tseng, mezzo-soprano

Prelude                       Prière                                                           Théodore Dubois (1837-1924)


Opening Words                                                                                                        Daniel Lawlor
Hymn # 314                We Are Children of the Earth                                             CON X'OM LANG
Chalice Lighting and Tolling of the Bell                                                Rev. Stephen Kendrick                                          

                        Love is the spirit of this church, and Service its law. This is our great covenant, to
                        dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.

Time For All Ages     "Listening for the Water"                                                         Rev. Kendrick                        

Go Now in Peace
Hymn # 60                  In Time of Silver Rain                                                                LANGSTON  

Reading                      "Dear Little Black Girl"                                            Chastity Jones Selenga 
Musical Meditation   "Naughty Child"                                                      Xiao Tyzen (1938-2015)

                                    Lily Tseng, mezzo-soprano

Sources of the Living Tradition”                                             Carol Reiman

Editorial                                                                                                                     Rev. Kendrick

Announcements                                                                                                       Rev. Kendrick

Affirmation # 86        Blessed Spirit of My Life                                                                  PRAYER

Prayer and Contemplation                                                                                      Rev. Kendrick

Sermon                      “Mother's Day for Peace”                                                       Daniel Lawlor

Offertory                    “Mother's Hair"                                                                            Xiao Tyzen
                                     Lily Tseng, mezzo-soprano  
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You can use text messaging on your smartphone to send a contribution to the First Church offertory. Text a number representing your dollar amount (5, 10, 20, etc.) to
(617) 917-5610. You will receive confirmation by email. Thank you!


Charge                                                                                                                       Rev. Kendrick 


Hymn # 288                All Are Architects                                                                       WOODLAND                                      

Benediction                                                                                                               Daniel Lawlor   

Postlude                      Voluntary in D                                                  Basil Harwood (1859-1949)

            Please note, this order of service may vary from the actual broadcast service.                                                                                                                                                                  _________________________________________________________________________

Hymn Texts, Responsive Reading, Lyrics  (5/9/21)

Hymn # 314               
We Are Children of the Earth                                             CON X'OM LANG

We are children of the earth, children of the earth,

and we love our mother earth, love our mother earth.
From the mountain and the streams, from the flowing streams,
comes the fountain of our dreams, fountain of our dreams.

We dream of a village fair, of a village fair.
Laughing children playing there children playing there,
and our elders can be found, elders can be found,
here beside us safe and sound, always safe and sound.

There is nothing to desire, nothing to desire,

more than home and hearth and fire, home and hearth and fire,

in a village that we love, village that we love,

living side by side in peace, evermore in peace.

Hymn # 60                  In Time of Silver Rain                                                                             LANGSTON

In time of silver rain the earth puts forth new life again,

green grasses grow and flowers lift their heads,
and over all the plain the wonder spreads of life, of life, of life!

In time of silver rain the butterflies lift silken wings,

and trees put forth new leaves to sing in joy beneath the sky

in time of silver rain, when spring and life are new.



Musical Meditation  
 "Naughty Child, dedicated to my daughter A-Yu”
                                     text by Loa Ho (賴和, 1894-1943)          Xiao Tyzen 蕭泰然(1938-2015)

Naughty child, no discipline!
Well fed, and fooling around,
You don’t take care your little siblings,
You only want to have fun!
Naughty child, you might lose people’s love.

Naughty child, no discipline!
You often ask for money,
Skipping meals and being grumpy,
Buying snacks whenever the vendors come,
Naughty child, we really don’t wish to punish you.

Naughty child, no discipline!
You like to look pretty with fancy clothes.
But you don’t cherish what you own and stay neat,
You get mud and dust everywhere!
Naughty child, eventually, you will be punished.

Naughty child, no discipline!
You whine for no reason and non-stop,
Regardless of the comfort we offer
It will be too late when you realize your fault,
Naughty child, no punishment no change.

Affirmation # 86        Blessed Spirit of My Life                                                                  PRAYER

Blessed Spirit of my life, give me strength through stress and strife;
help me live with dignity; let me know serenity.
Fill me with a vision, clear my mind of fear and confusion.
When my thoughts flow restlessly, let peace find a home in me.

Spirit of great mystery, hear the still, small voice in me.

Help me live my wordless creed as I comfort those in need.

Fill me with compassion, be the source of my intuition.

Then, when life is done for me, let love be my legacy.

Offertory                    “Mother's Hair"                                                                Xiao Tyzen 蕭泰然
                                    text by Qiyang Lin (林淇養, b.1955), known as Hsiang Yang (向陽)

In her girlhood,
Mother’s hair,
Black, shiny and soft as silk,
Just like calm water that is reflective as a mirror,
Flowed through every young man’s heart.

When she married father,
Mother’s hair,
Lively, lovely, and beautiful,
Just like gentle spring breeze,
Melted father’s reckless heart.

After she gave birth to me,
Mother’s hair,
Elegant, kind, and warm,
Just like the warm sun in winter days,
Protected her precious, fragile child.

After I grew up,
Mother’s hair,
Lost its shine,
Just like Autumn’s sky
Through plain scenery, sees a fruitful harvest.

Hymn # 288                All Are Architects                                                                       WOODLAND


All are architects of fate,
working in these walls of time;
some with massive deeds and great,
some with ornaments of rhyme.

For the structure that we raise
time is with materials filled;
our todays and yesterdays
are the blocks with which we build.

Build today, then, strong and sure,

with a firm and ample base;

and ascending and secure

shall tomorrow find its place.